Retrofits & Upgrades


Innovation is constant at ONLINE Engineering. With each system we create, we strive to ensure that we are exceeding your expectations.


While improved designs are standard on all new systems, we also want systems in the field to benefit from recent innovations. To do this, we are working to develop affordable retrofit kits. For more information about retrofits as they become available, use button below.

System Upgrades and Modification

From upgrading the pumps in a dispense system to redesigning an output to accommodate a new packaging system, our engineers are skilled at creating upgrades that will keep your system working for you.


Hepa Fan/Filter Unit

Replaces obsolete fan/filter unit on lines shipped prior to 2016. Increases primary filter longevity and eliminates cleaning of pre-filter. 

EZClean™ Vacuum Manifold 

Replaces the use of silicone sealant with a polyurethane o-ring and provides quick access to the central cavity. Significantly reduces the time required to recover from media aspiration and general maintenance.

Belt Tracking

Provides constant and automatic tracking of the main conveyor belt. Retrofit will be customized to the existing equipment with independent controls for legacy systems and HMI integration for newer lines.

Cam Style Breaker Bar 

Eliminates station wear on the pivot bar’s fixed pins by replacing them with cam followers. Provides smoother motion and increases station longevity.

Individual Pump Control

Replaces synchronous pump drive with independently controlled motors, allowing for fine tuning of volume on each pump without mechanical adjustment. 

Main Conveyor Drive Conversion

Replaces the drum style main conveyor drive with a drive roller and motor combination, significantly reduces cost and lead time of drive replacement and eliminates the need for drum roller lubricant. If the current drive is not located mid-line, relocation will simplify belt tracking.

Meniscus Generator Lip Seal

Replaces the o-ring style seal on the eccentric drive pins with a lip style seal, reducing the risk of media or cleaning fluids seeping into the meniscus drive assembly.

EZLoad™ Magazine Upgrade

Replaces existing fixed-front magazines with spring loaded gates, improving ergonomics by eliminating the upward reaching motion associated with loading dishes

Vacuum Generator and Feedback Sensor Upgrade

Replaces existing vacuum generator and potentiometer style vacuum sensor with updated components including push-button sensor control and digital display, simplifying the adjustment of setpoints.

Orientation Sensor Upgrade

Replaces existing optical proximity or legacy fiber sensors with updated fiber optic sensors, improving the consistency of orientation regardless of indicator type.

Reduced Lane Function

Allows for production to be run on half of the lanes of the system. Recommended for systems with six lanes or more. This is often preferred when running specialty or low volume production runs.


(see nameplate on front leg of system)

If requesting technical support for an issue, please provide the following information:

  • What was in process when the trouble started?

  • Has anything in your facility or production process changed recently?

  • What part of the machine is affected?

  • Is production stopped because of this issue?

Otherwise, please provide as much detail as possible about your situation and service request.

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