Parts & Supplies

Minimize unscheduled downtime and ensure production is running efficiently by building a basic critical spare parts inventory, managing regular maintenance routines, and maintaining sufficient levels of consumable pouring supplies.



Minimize unscheduled downtime by keeping critical replacement parts, including motors and sensors, on hand to prevent stoppages caused by critical component failure to long term wear. We are also the only source for custom components including dish rails, vacuum manifolds, and meniscus plates which may require duplication based on sterilization cycles. We will work with your staff to understand the procedural tooling needs of your facility and develop a spare parts inventory to meet your needs efficiently.


We can create maintenance parts packages including common wear items like bearings, pulleys, and timing belts. These kits can be designed to accommodate a single piece of equipment or for an entire facility and can be provided on a quarterly or annual schedule. Volume order discounts are available on select maintenance supplies.


Ensure smooth production and consistent products by maintaining an adequate supply of consumables. We offer fully assembled pour sets as well as all pour set components including stainless manifolds and nozzles, disposable y-connectors, and silicone tubing. We welcome blanket orders with scheduled delivery as well as subscription style purchasing to help maintain the correct just-in-time supply for your facility demands. Bulk order discounts are available on select pouring supplies.