Preparators, Wrappers, and Printers


Over the years the ONLINE Engineering petri dish filling systems have been our flagship product. Our systems have set the world-wide standard, allowing our customers around the world to take advantage of the craftmanship and quality of our equipment as well as the customization that ONLINE Engineering can provide. Now, strategically combining peripheral systems to create a full production solution continues the tradition of innovation that is a hallmark of our company’s DNA.

Complementary Equipment

Complementary Equipment

We are excited to be able to now offer a fully integrated solution for our partners. This solution combines seamless communication between all modules with an operator interface designed for usability which leads to a more controlled process and ultimately reduced downtime.


MultiPREP™ Systems

Automated Media Production

MultiPRINT™ Systems

Automated Printing Stations

MultiWRAP™ Systems

Automated Petri Dish Wrapping Solutions