Petri Dish Filling Systems


ONLINE diagnostic culture media plate production equipment ranges from a single lane SOLO™ dispensing system petri dish filling machine to a ten-lane MultiDISH™ petri dish filling system, and is designed to accommodate all types and sizes of dishes. For more information about any of these products or services, please contact ONLINE Engineering!

Petri Dish Filling Machine Model 606

Petri Dish Filling Machines

Every ONLINE Engineering plate machine shares our trademark features:

  • EasyLOAD™ Magazine

  • Automatic unstacking, opening, and re-covering of dishes

  • Accurate dispensing of agar into the dish without bubbles, drips, or spills

  • Meniscus generation where applicable

  • Dishes travel the length of the drying tunnel under HEPA conditions with lids removed 0-75%

  • Printing station with trigger, customized to your print head

  • Stacking of filled, dried plates

  • Transport to manual bagging position or automatic wrapping station



The MultiDISH™ systems are petri dish filling machines that accommodate a wide variety of dish types. Changeover from one dish type to another dish type is accomplished quickly and easily with interchangeable heads, tool free change parts, and touch panel settings.


The SOLO™ systems are compact petri dish filling machines designed to process a single dish size or type. These systems are ideal for small batch production or as a first step into automatic processing.