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Engineered for Success: EasyLOAD™ Magazine Retrofit

Posted October 23, 2017

Easy to install magazine kit greatly improves ergonomics of loading dishes.    

Petri dish filling systems by ONLINE Engineering are designed to stand the test of time. Many of our systems remain in full time production for ten or fifteen years or more, consistently producing great plates. Many of our older systems, however, rely on out-of-date practices or parts. To help ensure that our customers get the most from all of our systems, our engineers are consistently reviewing our system innovations for retrofit capability.

Several years ago, the magazine assembly was updated to the EasyLOAD™ magazine. The original fixed, square stack holders have been replaced with rotating gate posts. The updated design allows the operator to load stacks of dishes into the system by pressing them forward into the magazine, rather than sliding them into the top of the magazine. In addition to improving the ergonomics of the loading motion, the new gate posts also allow the entire stack of loaded dishes to be confined from bottom to top, preventing upper dishes from falling out of the magazine.

The EasyLOAD™ magazine is now available as a fully-assembled retrofit kit for all three to eight lane systems. Installation of the new magazine assembly is simple and requires only four bolts be removed and replaced. Attaching the orienter to the magazine requires handling only two additional bolts.

Email for more information about the EasyLOAD™ magazine or other retrofit kits.