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Engineered for Success: EZClean™ Vacuum Manifolds - 2020 Update

Posted May 22, 2020

In 2017, we announced a new style of vacuum manifold, eliminating the need for the use of silicone sealant to maintain vacuum pressure. After compiling performance reviews, we are proud to provide another upgrade to the design.

The update completely allows for a completely tool free cleaning of the manifold, replacing the hex fasteners with thumbscrews. This also serves to prevent damage caused by over-torqueing of the fasteners.

The design of the seal has also been revisited. The single, o-ring inset on the manifold body has been replaced with a pair of easily replaced o-rings set on the fill plates. In addition to being easier to clean and replace, the new location provides an improved airtightness.

New manifolds are available as a seamless and inexpensive upgrade to all existing all MultiLANE™ and MultiDISH™ systems. Email for more information.

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