MultiFILL™ Tube and Vial Systems

The MultiFILL™ tube and vial systems provide inexpensive automation of tube and vial filling at rates up to 3000 units per hour on auto run. This machine accommodates tubes of varying dimensions via the use of optional change parts. These systems are compact, semi-automatic, terminally sterile systems which automatically insert tubes from a hopper to a transport carousel, quickly and precisely dispense, and tight caps the tubes. The operator places caps onto the tubes between cycles.

ONLINE also offers a high-speed, full automatic system for filling tubes. This system supplies tubes from a hopper, orients caps from a bowl feeder, loads and transports tubes, dispenses, places caps onto the tubes, tight caps, and transports the finished tubes to custom racks at a nominal throughput of up to 3000 units per hour. The operator maintains a bulk supply of tubes and caps. Finished product can then be transported to the autoclave in 72 count racks. This ONLINE machine is dedicated to one tube, however optional change parts are available to provide for processing a similar tube with some variation in diameter and/or height. Other options include aseptic filling, gas pre-purge flush, auto-racking, and high volume production.

Tube/Vial Filling Systems

  • MultiFILL™ Model 124: Semi automated; nominal throughput of up to 1800 units per hour.
  • MultiFILL™ Model 117: Fully automated; nominal throughput of 2000-3000 units per hour.
  • MultiFILL™ Model 109: Fully automated, high-speed for tubes and vials, throughput based on volume.