MultiDISH™ Production Systems

The MultiDISH™ systems are petri dish filling machines that accommodate a wide variety of dish types including 55mm, contact, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, square, and 150mm dishes. Changeover from one dish type to another dish type is accomplished quickly and easily with interchangeable heads, tool free change parts, and touch panel settings. Like the MultiLANE™ models, the MultiDISH™ machines fill and process multiple lanes of petri dishes simultaneously.

Standard Features

  • All ONLINE systems are CE certified.
  • Each base system ships with a head unit and change parts package for a single dish size/type. Additional change parts packages are also available.
  • Each 90mm head unit comes standard with an orientation system for multicavity dishes.
  • Each system includes an integrated bottom print station designed to accommodate most inkjet print systems (not included).
  • Each system includes a fixed output system with transfer to a static buffer table.
  • All MultiDISH™ layouts are flexible offering right/left placement of operator panel, electrical enclosures, and output direction. System length can also be adjusted to accommodate facility requirements.
  • All ONLINE systems are shipped with a one-year warranty. Phone support is always free for the life of the machine.

MultiDISH™ Models

  • Model 963: Three lanes, nominal throughput of 2400* units per hour
  • Model 964: Four lanes, nominal throughput of 3600* units per hour
  • Model 965: Five lanes, nominal throughput of 6000* units per hour
  • Model 968: Eight lanes, nominal throughput of 9600* units per hour
  • Model 916: Ten lanes, nominal throughput of 12000* units per hour

*Throughput rates are calculated for standard 90mm system options with the following production parameters: ~18mL fill volume, 3.5-minute dry time, and with covers partially removed.

Optional Features

  • Additional Head Unit and Change Parts Package: The base MultiDISH™ system is designed to accommodate nearly any dish from 55-150mm in width/diameter. An additional head unit and tool-free change parts package provides for quick changeover. Head units and change parts packages can be added to a new system or ordered after installation to accommodate changing production needs.
  • Bulk Loading: Bulk loading allows operators to load ten times the number of dishes into the system. Once loaded, the operator can move away from the head of the machine to perform station checks or quality control procedures.
  • Inline Nozzle Heating System: Nozzles heaters utilize heated jackets surrounding the nozzles to maintain temperatures between 50-60°C (depending on ambient conditions) in order to minimize media gelling during system stops. Nozzle heaters are available on all MultiDISH™ models. This cost-saving option can be added to any new system order and can be retrofitted to many existing ONLINE Engineering systems.
  • Rotating Pump Group with Auto Purge: During prolonged machine stops, media can become gelled at the tip of the nozzle, even with a nozzle heating system. With a rotating pump group, the operator can move the entire pump group away from the pouring area to a secondary waste tray. The Auto Purge function, only available in the waste position, will dispense a small dose of media every 30 seconds clearing the nozzle tip and preventing gelling. The waste position is also useful for preparing and cleaning of the dispense components.
  • Individual Pump Control: On a standard system the pumps are synchronously controlled by a single motor (or two motors for systems over five lanes wide). With individual pump control each pump is controlled by a dedicated motor. This allows for fine volume tuning on each pump without the need for mechanical or manual adjustment.
  • Reduced Lane Function: With reduced lane function (available on Models 964, 968, and 916) production can be run on half of the lanes of the system. This is often preferred when running specialty or low volume production runs.
  • Rejection System:The rejection system includes tracking and ejection of dishes. Rows of dishes can be tagged for rejection automatically by the system for a variety of reasons, like failed dispense, or manually by the operator. Dishes tagged for rejection are ejected at the end of the cooling tunnel via the cross conveyor.
  • Inline Rotary Edge and Custom Print Options: An inline rotary edge print station allows for printing and/or barcoding on the side of the dishes. This modular option can be added to a new system order or retrofitted to many existing systems. Many other custom print station options are also available upon request including fixed side printing, lid printing, and dual or multi printer configurations.
  • Custom Output: A short motorized outfeed conveyor is standard with all systems. Custom output options are available in nearly any configuration, and may include FIFO conveyors, wrapper infeed with metered shift, and additional conveyor length.
  • Automated Buffer Refeed System: All systems include a fixed buffer feed to provide temporary storage for stacks of dishes. An automated system is also available which will feed these stacks of dishes back into the system so that they may pass through the outfeed system and downstream processing without manual intervention.
  • Emergency Spare Parts Packages and Maintenance Kits: Maintaining the proper inventory of emergency spare parts and maintenance supplies helps to minimize costly downtime. Adding a spare parts package or maintenance kit to your new system order helps to protect your investment from day of delivery.
  • Service Contracts: Service contracts for periodic maintenance visits are available upon request.

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